Notarial lawsuits have become more common every day. And even the smallest mistake can be very costly. Your notary bond protects the public but it doesn't protect you. For example:

*A notary was asked by a friend to notarize a car title so it could be transferred, but did not verify that the signature was genuine. The friend fraudulently sold a vehicle that did not belong to him. The insurer settled the claim for the value of the car, since it could not be located.  


*A notary was accused of improperly notarizing a Power of Attorney. The Signature was forged and the party who illegally obtained the Power of Attorney was able to use it to withdraw funds from brokerage and savings accounts. The notary was sued and the insurer defended, paying the policy limit. 


*A property owner and a bank filed a lawsuit against a notary alleging negligence in the notarization process that cost them substantial sums of money. Even though the notary had done nothing wrong in the transaction, having been tricked by identity thieves, she ended up paying money to settle both lawsuits that than endure prolonged litigation.  

 *Several lawsuits were filed against a Notary alleging that some of the signatures she notarized were forgeries, even though she was assured by her boss that they were ok. Without E&O Insurance, the Notary was forced to file bankruptcy rather than to defend the lawsuits.  

*A bank filed a lawsuit against a Notary claiming that an unpaid, un-collectable loan was due to the negligence of the Notary for the apparent notarization of a forged signature. The Notary tendered defense of the lawsuit to his E&O Insurance carrier, cooperated with the carrier's defense of the lawsuit and it was ultimately settled within the limit of the policy.  

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 Notary Public Surety Bond Claim Examples

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