A to Z Rubber Stamps is a licensed distributor of Garvey Products. Since 1919, GARVEY Products Inc. has been a world leader in retail supplies, including labelers and labels for price marking and date coding, tagging supplies, and point of sale items like Take a Number machines and displays. GARVEY Products offers the widest range of labelers available on the market today. Not only does GARVEY offer a labeler for every need imaginable, but GARVEY labelers are the easiest to use with features like its drop-in loading and quick, easy, and clean inker change systems. Garvey has taken pride in always offering high quality, user friendly products, and continues to focus on bringing innovation and new ideas to the markets they serve. 

A GARVEY Price Gun makes all of your labeling tasks easier. Keeping in line with the latest industry trends, the design of the Garvey gun has recently been improved, making it more user-friendly than ever! In the inventory pricing and coding world, the Garvey price gun leads the pack with its comfortable handling, reliability, and simple drop-in loading. Experience a price gun that is jam and stress free.

All the various models below are available with different band options. The options include: date, price, time, was-now prices, unit/package pricing, lot and batch numbers in alpha and numeric characters.  The "date band" for instance, is popular with bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, delicatessens, convenience stores or anywhere that merchandise not only needs a price but also the date printed on its label.

A GARVEY Price Gun is the industry standard in quality, durability, and affordability. Customers love how fast and easy they are to use, as well their lightweight and high quality build. 

A to Z offers a full line of Labels, Label Accessories, Basket/Bags, and Tag Attachers to compliment our GARVEY Labelers. Call us with any questions regarding these items at 888-286-9462. 
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